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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2461 – You Shouldn’t Have Come! decisive pen
The latest Ye Yuan provided them feeling of s.h.i.+vering without one simply being cool.
Ye Yuan did not talk, out of the blue hitting a palm on Wan Zhen’s entire body.
He believed that this Devastation Bone fragments Gnawing Blade was incredibly painful, but he never anticipated that it was really agonizing to this sort of level.
Ye Yuan did not converse, all of a sudden reaching a palm on Wan Zhen’s system.
But appropriate then, an abnormality abruptly occurred!
A sharpened-eyed particular person accepted the origin for this sword and immediately cried in astonish, “S-Sword of s.p.a.cetime! It’s Ye Yuan’s Sword of s.p.a.cetime! Saint Azure Ye Yuan came!”
His voice obtained yet to lose color when a body stepped out of the void, showing up beside Wan Zhen.
“Further my a.s.s! Weng Xian, this farther of yours won’t feel your nonsense anymore! Ye Yuan will betray the human competition?
Everybody was amazed with this streak of freezing lightweight.
Ancestor Flame Weng Xian’s phrase did not transform and the center did not competition, but he carried on to convince Sacred Ancestor Substantial Priest with earnest words and phrases as well as the most effective motives.
When Sacred Ancestor High Priest came into see Ye Yuan, his phrase was pretty unsightly in which he claimed in a profound speech, “You punk rock, why would you are available? Don’t you will know this is usually a system targeting you?”
Ye Yuan came. So he was without a need to battle into the loss of life with Wing.
Speedy until nobody reacted in it!
Sacred Ancestor High Priest was used aback, not being totally sure where Ye Yuan’s trust came from.
There were an additional scream, Ye Yuan sent out a different blade although chatting.
When Sacred Ancestor High Priest read that, he hurriedly withdrew out of the battlefield and emerged howling down.
The powerhouses everywhere over the mountain / hill have been extremely shocked.
Sacred Ancestor Substantial Priest frowned and said, “But you think that by approaching, they will likely let them go? They should still make use of customers to damage you!”
A huge power directly brought Lin Huan hovering out, nailing him onto a rock and roll.
While chatting, his fingertip aimed all over again.
This development seemed to be a little too terrifying, perfect?
As he reported, he collected a Devastation Bone Gnawing Blade and instantly stabbed toward Wan Zhen.
Sacred Ancestor Great Priest was undertaken aback, being unsure of where Ye Yuan’s self confidence came from.
A tremendous power directly taken Lin Huan piloting out, nailing him onto a rock and roll.
He knew the fact that Devastation Bone Gnawing Blade was extremely distressing, but he never expected that this was really agonizing to a really level.
The present Ye Yuan offered them a sense of s.h.i.+vering without it simply being frosty.
There was clearly a different scream, Ye Yuan sent a different knife while speaking.
That sort of agony that moved into the marrows created him would prefer to do suicide.
When he mentioned, he discovered a Devastation Bone tissue Gnawing Blade and all of a sudden stabbed toward Wan Zhen.
Unless Ye Yuan did not be familiar with this, if he was aware, he would certainly are available!
But simply how much time obtained pa.s.sed? Ye Yuan actually nailed the Deva Fifth Blight Lin Huan on top of the rock with one sword!
Lugging a immediate and intense to the intense sharp edge, it taken toward Lin Huan.
Lin Huan believed almost like there was ten thousand ants devouring his system.
A distinct-eyed person acknowledged the foundation of this sword and immediately cried outside in astonish, “S-Sword of s.p.a.cetime! It is Ye Yuan’s Sword of s.p.a.cetime! Saint Azure Ye Yuan got!”
Too quickly!
Who had been it if not Ye Yuan?

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